Do I need a wedding planner?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now just the small task of planning one of the biggest days of your life… no big deal, right?!

In all seriousness, we totally understand that deciding on the first step towards your dream wedding can seem a little overwhelming. Having a wedding planner to help your vision come to life can take away the stress and make a huge difference to your wedding planning journey. But the question is, is a wedding planner really worth spending money on? Let’s break it down.

We’ve created a list of the top 3 things to think about when deciding if you’d like to book a modern luxury wedding planner to help turn your dream wedding into reality:

1. Time

Did you know, the average wedding takes between 250 – 500 hours to plan? When life is busy and time is precious, wedding planning can be overwhelming – especially when you’re needing to work full time and / or build a career! Having a luxury yet affordable wedding planner involved can enable you to check in as and when you have the time, as opposed to having to dedicate countless hours each week to keep things on track. 

2. Budget

One of the biggest drawbacks to a wedding planner is the budget it takes up. However, there are several elements to consider here. There will likely be as many as 20 suppliers (or more!) involved in your day – from choosing a company to create the perfect invitations, the most fabulous floral arrangements, or the most delicious food.

Choosing an experienced and professional wedding planner who already has a wealth of connections and good relationships with wedding suppliers in the UK can lead to discounts on services; ultimately saving you money and ensures we have the knowledge to simplify the process for you, finding you the right wedding suppliers, the first time round, saving you time andmoney! – we’ve seen it repeatedly where couples have thought they’ve chosen the best, most balanced supplier quote (after countless hours of searching and comparing!) however, when looking closer the quote didn’t actually include what was required, or included more than the required meaning the couple missed out on their favourite supplier, who was in-fact, within budget when quotes where compared properly!

On top of this, the expertise and guidance that a luxury yet affordable wedding planner offers can often prove invaluable. Their years of experience in the wedding industry means that they really do live and breathe weddings! A luxury wedding planner’s trustworthy advice and unwavering focus on the finest details, could just turn out to be the most important thing you decide to spend money on.

3. Enjoyment!

Perhaps most importantly, having a luxury wedding planner involved in your wedding planning journey can help you to stay feeling excited about your wedding throughout the process! With endless lists and a daunting workload ahead of you, spending hours organising can take away some of the wonder and joy of getting married.

This is also true for the wedding day itself. You don’t want to have to worry about which plug socket your DJ is going to connect to, nor do you want to be herding your own guests through to the dining area when you’re trying to enjoy your day!

A planning service can take away a lot of the emotionally demanding elements and help you to keep the excitement all the way from engagement to marriage.

So, our verdict is…

If your wedding budget allows, go for it! 

There is far more to gain than to lose in having an experienced and professional wedding planner involved in your day. However, if you have lots of clear ideas about your day and are unsure on whether you need a full planning service, Hardesty Event Design is here to help! As an affordable Norfolk wedding planner, we offer a range of services.

From planning power hours which allow you to be flexible with advice on hand as and when you need it, to a full wedding planning service that takes you from proposal to honeymoon! Additionally, we offer a wedding day management service which covers 8 weeks leading up to your special day including all communication with suppliers and on-the-day coordination, and a partial planning service which can help if you’ve already got an idea of some elements but need guidance in other areas. We’ve got something for everyone!

Whatever you decide, we want to wish you the best of luck on your wedding planning journey, and remember to enjoy it!

love, Emily x