Hi there!

I’m Emily,

The driving force behind Hardesty Event Design.

With owning a small business, I’m not only your wedding planner, I’m accounts, HR, customer service and chief content creator.

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The HED ethos

Personally, I believe weddings are so much more than just a celebration or a pretty tablescape. 

Weddings have flow, they have structure, and have the potential to create a uniquely immersive experience. 

For me, experiences have always given me far more joy than personal possessions. I guess you could say it’s why I work within the Hospitality Industry! Creating immersive, unforgettable experiences for others to get lost in is a favourite of mine. It’s deeply satisfying, it’s rewarding, and I just love witnessing the pure joy it generates.

I pride myself on organising a wedding for you which will tap into all five senses. We will create an enchanting and an extraordinary immersive experience for you and your guests because after all, I believe that in life, it’s these experiences that last a lifetime. The ones that are treasured forever. The unforgettable.

Have you ever been part of an experience which felt as though nothing else mattered besides that moment? All five senses were focused, not a phone, a tablet or any other gateway to the outside world considered, you were just totally present within the moment? Living, experiencing, and enjoying all of it.

This is our goal for your wedding day.

It’s these memories which are treasured forever.

The unforgettable.

My experience

pretty pink and lilac wedding table setting at the wedding venue Butley Priory in Suffolk

I started event planning professionally aged 19 in 2012 and became an event manager by 21. It was at this point I was certain I’d found the career for me but, knowing I wanted to travel, it was “now or never”. I booked a solo one-way ticket around the world, embarking on a once in a lifetime opportunity and visited countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America.

Upon coming home to the UK, I dove headfirst into the Norfolk wedding industry working for a beautiful Grade I listed country estate in South Norfolk in 2017. I spent five wonderful years there heading up the award-winning event management and catering team before Hardesty Event Design was born in 2021.

During my time away, I experienced different cultures and festivities which broadened my perspective and has aided me with planning diverse weddings. I have coordinated wedding plans for couples based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Dubai and supported them throughout their engagements. Some favourite weddings of mine have been multi-cultural infusion weddings including Jewish, Indian, Chinese and Greek.

Behind the scenes

When I’m not planning weddings, I cook, I travel, I spin, I hike, I challenge myself, I take risks and I’m constantly growing. I love trying new things, I’m curious and I love people and adventures. I have high standards, I listen, I create, I do. On a day off, you’ll find me seeking a spot for brunch or lunch or if the weather allows, I’ll be outside doing something outdoorsy in my home town, Norwich.

Here are some fun facts for you:

1. I’m a certified open water diver

2. I’m a twin – I have a twin brother, and before you ask – we don’t look alike!

3. I once bungy jumped the 134m Nevis bungy in New Zealand. Twice. Straight after the first time! – once just wasn’t enough!

4. I’m the happiest when at the beach, especially on UK beaches in the winter with a dog or two in tow!

5. Last but by no means least, I’m also a lover of cats, coffee and country walks.

My Approach

With my event management experience based on a venue and catering background, my approach to wedding planning is logistics led with unwavering attention to detail. I’m fiercely organised and vow to base all decisions on honesty and integrity. Creating trust between myself and the two of you as the client is incredibly important to me. Something you’ll never catch me doing is overpromising. In my opinion, it’s better to be cautious and have a plan A, B and C than wing it and hope for the best. 

I am a highly intuitive person and love to learn how you work as individuals, as well as a couple. I make it my own personal mission to ensure your wedding design and guest experience encompasses as much of your personalities and visions as possible.

The wedding planning process can sure be overwhelming, and overstimulating sometimes. 

Let’s face it, no one wants to do it on their own so let’s do this together.

Emily x

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